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"airbenders are able to warm themselves with only their breathing"

ok so this explains why katara and sokka were bundled up in parkas galore while aang was just walking around in his little jump suit like it was a perfect summer evening. I’m so glad this was cleared up. I literally thought Aang’s optimistic attitude is what kept him warm, heavens. 

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Certain audio frequencies bring back certain memories. If you play the right song, it can take you back to a specific point in time. Scientists at Delta University tapped into this phenomenon and, by mixing certain pitches and tones, created an audio file that can transport you back to your most emotionally unstable point in the past. For some, it is infancy. For others, seventh grade.

To test their theory, this track was played over the loudspeaker while several students were taking exams at a frequency so high it was barely detectable. Several things happened. Some students crumpled their paper up in frustration. Others were found crying on the floor. Still others began to argue among themselves or with the teacher.

When one student flung themselves out the 10th story window, they had to close the project for good. However, the track was leaked onto the web and can now be found in the darkest corners of the internet. Listen… if you dare. 

fuck i’m scared…

*muffled sobbing*



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FUN PRANK: take me to comic con

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what actually happened at dashcon to make it so awful? ive seen lots of stuff making fun of it and complaining, but nothing explaining why



It is one of the biggest errors in world history and here’s why:

  • Although starting in the middle of summer with a few small battles, it eventually dragged on for almost six months into a brutal winter
  • The Russians’ scorched earth policy surprised the French and made the French’s advances much more treacherous and costly
  • Napoleon’s thirst for a full victory was impossible to satisfy because the Russians refused to engage in any prolonged battles, instead wisely choosing to use guerrilla tactics to decimate an already broken, famished, and sickened French Army
  • Over 17,000 French troops lost their lives each month during the disastrous campaign
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when you’ve just started watching a show and a bunch of gifs and vines suddenly make sense


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It would be funny if J.K. Rowling made an announcement that the post-series headmaster of Hogwarts was a slytherin man named Severus Jones who happened to ride the world’s tallest roller coaster 15 times and that was the slytherin headmaster “bravest man I ever knew” Harry named his kid after. 

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when McGonagall finds out that Ginny is pregnant, and that the Weasley and Potter bloodlines will converge, she marks on her calender the day the child will turn 11 and that is the day she retires 

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parents: "let’s talk about your future" 


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he speak truth

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the most emotional post on tumblr

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